Humans to Mars Report 2018

“The Humans to Mars Report (H2MR) is an annual publication that presents a snapshot of current progress in mission architectures, science, domestic and international policy, human factors, and public perception regarding human missions to Mars – and highlights progress and challenges from year to year. By doing so, H2MR provides stakeholders and policy makers with an invaluable resource to assist them in making decisions that are based on current facts rather than on the dated information and speculation that sometimes tends to persist in the public arena where Mars is concerned.”


“Inhabiting off-planet space offers the chance to experiment with new social and environmental arrangements that incorporate lessons we’ve learned from mistakes on Earth. “If you want to go to Mars, let’s live, and live happily, and live better than here on Earth,” says Vera Mulyani, an architect and founder of the Mars City Design competition. “Let’s design a better place for humanity.””

A Mars Life

“We will have to live in domed cities and wearing spacesuits on Mars for a long time. But that’s not to say that we can’t have a really nice life. But it’s not gonna be an Earth life. It’s gonna be a Mars life.”

-John Grunsfeld, Associate Administator, former Astronaut, NASA

(From Nat Geo digital short “Finding Shelter on Mars”,–PNfETnzRnlxuRaqE-NlgZ_SbDUwaV2DA9Q8pdgmwf/)