Insight – Sol 0

I’m looking at this image and thinking about all the scientists and engineers and technicians involved in the design and assembly of this equipment. How remarkable it must feel to look at this image of their creation sitting on Mars, ready to get to work. Kudos! I mean… wow.

More about terraforming

Here’s a recent webinar on terraforming Mars from the NASA MAVEN Mission to Mars youtube channel. The TL;DR is that it will be monumentally difficult, but sooner or later we are likely to try it. In the meantime, we shouldn’t get hung up on the feasibility of the endeavour as we make plans for exploring and colonizing Mars.

Along the way is a great deal of information on the history of Mars, including the questionable relevancy of its lack of magnetic field, and details on what it would take to terraform a planet.

Terraforming, counterpoint…

“The article’s basic mistake is in thinking Mars is a closed system. But no planet is a closed system.”