Middle Grade Treasures

Parents with young readers!

Sixteen authors, including yours truly, have teamed up to offer their books at a discount for a month (April 25 – May 25).

There are some great titles on this list. Please take a look!


Geology of the Moon

The USGS recently released a comprehensive geologic map of the Moon.


Digital versions available at https://astrogeology.usgs.gov/search/map/Moon/Geology/Unified_Geologic_Map_of_the_Moon_GIS.

Author reading

As part of the Generation Mars coronavirus response, I’ve decided to read the first book of the series, Scratching the Surface, on YouTube. The first installment is available now. The next will be released tomorrow (4/4).

If response is positive, I may consider some other YouTube goodies in the near future. Follow Generation Mars on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for timely updates.