My name is Douglas Meredith. A software developer by trade, I’ve been a puttering writer for most of my life but never attempted to publish anything. A couple of years ago, it occurred to me that I should remedy that. But I needed a project on which to focus my efforts. In software, the way I learn anything new is to pose an end result to myself then dive in and create it. Why should writing be any different?

Generation Mars allows me to leverage my personal experience as a father while also taking a deep dive into the mechanics of narrative and character development, not to mention all kinds of fun geeky science stuff.

Often, when I sit down to write, it is incredibly difficult to get anything out. The page just sits there white, or the words wander aimlessly around it, and I worry that I’m no good at this, and what am I even thinking in pursuing this project? But then, every so often…the characters in these stories go about the building of their world despite my misgivings and I am just an observer struggling to keep up with their progress. It’s rather like being a father.