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Red Ribbon Winner from The Wishing Shelf Book Awards

There are four fundamental things humans require for survival: air to breathe, shelter to keep our bodies safe, water to drink, and food to eat. Take any of these away and we cannot survive for long. Shelter, water, and food, we must put in some effort to obtain. We take air for granted because it’s always there, wherever we go. But what if it wasn’t? What if we had to put effort into obtaining and managing the air we breathe, just as we do for everything else? Welcome to life on Mars.

The Generation Mars series is hard science fiction scaled for kids. Sisters Cas and Ori are among the first children born on Mars. The series follows their adventures as they grow up in an environment unlike any in which children have grown up before.

Each book in the series uses a fundamental element of survival as title and jumping off point: Air, Shelter, Water, Food.

In book one, Air, the sisters learn about the air they breathe, and about what can happen when things go wrong.

Running ~12,500 words in length, plus an additional ~1900 in supplemental material, it is an illustrated chapter book targeted at grades 2-6.


Young readers will love this story of children living on Mars-and they might learn a few things too! A RED RIBBON WINNER and highly recommended!

The Wishing Shelf Book Awards, on Air: Generation Mars, Book One


This next piece of the Generation Mars story, from the very beginning, combines a good storyline with a way to introduce kids to science and engineering concepts in a seamless way that is bound to hold their attention! It gives a very accurate idea of what it would be like for humans to live on Mars in the near future.

Dr. Tanya Harrison, Mars scientist, on Air: Generation Mars, Book One


A heart-pounding adventure combined with well-founded science for the aspiring space explorer who will one day take us to Mars. More than just exciting science-fiction, Generation Mars is also a science manual that will start interesting conversations between middle-graders and their peers. This is a book teachers and librarians will fight to have on their shelves.

Rae Knightly, author of The Alien Skill Series, on Air: Generation Mars, Book One