Dust storm

The dust storm on Mars is a global weather event.

“The last dust storm on Mars to go global occurred in 2007, five years before the Curiosity rover landed at its Gale Crater site, according to officials with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.”

Family vacation

Posts have been a little thin here lately, I know. I’ve been away for a while on family vacation. We loaded up the car and set off on a camping roadtrip to explore a bunch of National Parks. It was the longest trip we’ve taken in terms of both miles driven and nights spent in sleeping bags. On the whole, it was a great trip full of memorable moments and family bonding.

Since our return, I’ve been thinking about the fact that families on Mars will never experience this. Not only will there not be family roadtrips and camping. There won’t be traveling vacations at all. Where would they go?

This has left me feeling a little blue. It seems a hard life for a family. Things like this often bother me, as I develop this series. The lives of these kids and their family will be so different than those of mine, it can be a little overwhelming to contemplate.

Of course the whole series pivots on identifying and exploring these differences. And my feeling of pity at what I imagine to be something they’d miss is culture-centric. We all feel that our experience is the norm and that of others is aberrant. Their lives will be full of memorable moments and family bonding, no car or sleeping bags required.

Still, it could be interesting to come up with a way they take a roadtrip together. Have to think about that a bit…

In the meantime, I’ll work on making things more interesting around here.

Giggling like school children

“We were under approximately 4 Gs when the engine cutoff, which gave us a good jolt forward during the deceleration and then a good jolt back into the seat after the third stage ignited. I looked at Anton and we both began to giggle like school children.”