Scratching the Surface on Planetary Society list!

The Planetary Society’s Emily Lakdawalla publishes an annual list of recommended children’s books about space. Scratching the Surface made it onto this year’s list!

I’m honored to be included with all these other great titles.

Author’s copies

Look what came today!

Scratching the Surface comes out in paperback August 30, available for pre-order now.

The Kindle version is available now. If you already have it, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.

Kindle version promo

The Kindle version of Scratching the Surface is out! To celebrate, I am offering it free all day Sunday, August 18! Grab your copy and, if so inclined, leave a review after reading it.

Paperback coming soon!


Curiosity picture book

This looks like a nice book about Curiosity for kids. I like that, in the interview, the author/illustrator notes that he has no technical qualifications for writing this book, just an abundance of inspiration and a willingness to do the research. That’s the key, really.

Bombarded with words

Geraldine McCaughrean recently won the UK’s Carnegie Medal for children’s literature. Her acceptance speech gives me a bit more confidence in my prose choices for Scratching the Surface.

“Accessible language is, to me, a euphemism for something desperate. Most of its tyrannies are brought to bear on younger books right now. But blink twice and today’s junior school readers will be in secondary school,armed only with a pocketful of single syllable words, and with brains far less receptive to the acquisition of vocabulary than when they were three or seven or nine… We master words by meeting them, not by avoiding them.”