Let’s talk covers (2)

Second (we’re still talking covers, remember?), I’m thrilled to share the cover of my forthcoming Generation Mars book, Water. Once again, Luis Peres has outdone himself.

This time we have a mashup (overture, if you will) of the interior illustrations, creating a perfect concept piece that draws the reader in by teasing multiple events in the story.

It’s a great cover! Want to read the book? Release date announcement coming soon.

Let’s talk covers

First, I’ve been so busy finalizing the next book that I missed this announcement in early August. Shelter is a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards Best Book Cover contest in the Children/Young Adult category. Kudos to Luis Peres for hitting it out of the park with this grand and cinematic vision of a human family facing the challenges of living on Mars.

Illustration for next book

Illustration for the next Generation Mars book is coming along nicely. Here’s a sample.

This is what Cas sees from inside her helmet as she walks through a dust storm. Note the cool head-up display. (great work by Luis Peres)