Defining a new generation

Yeah! That’s what I keep saying! Well, any boots, really, as long as humans are in them.
“Let me be clear. Mars is today the focal point of our national space program. And if American boots are to be the first to set foot on its surface it will define a new generation. Generation Mars.”

One small step

The Eagle landed 49 years ago today, and two humans walked on a celestial body for the first time.

I have a fleeting, four-year-old’s memory of my dad waking me up (I must have been napping, as we were in CDT) to watch the moon landing. I don’t remember anything about the landing itself, just my dad waking me to see it. But that’s special enough, I think.

Here’s a nifty 360 of the interior of the Command Module that carried Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the moon that day.

Blue Origin Mission 9

Lest it seem Generation Mars is mired in nostalgia, with all the recent Apollo posts, here’s Blue Origin pushing to new heights earlier today.

Apollo source code

This article is actually a couple years old. But if you haven’t seen it, it’s a fun read.

Keep in mind that this software was literally woven into the Apollo Guidance Computer’s (ACG’s) memory by hand. Wire by wire, the 0’s and 1’s were stitched together to get us to the Moon.

Programmers, at least the ones I like to hang out with, have always had a sense of humor in the commenting of their code. It’s nice to see the programming team for Apollo was no exception.

Mariner 4

Mariner 4 was the first successful flyby of Mars. On this day in 1965, it made its closest approach and sent the first closeup images of the surface. These were also the first closeup images ever returned of another planet.


Learning from falling

“Part of the reason for the clumsiness is that, while you might weigh less on the Moon, your mass stays the same – and therefore inertia, which is a body’s resistance to changes in motion and is related to mass, not weight, also stays the same.”

First Man

A biopic of Neil Armstrong is coming in October, called “First Man”. It looks like the creative team is doing everything right. This could be really good.

“Jim and I have been spending a lot of time putting together an annotated script,” said Singer. “This is a book that will be published with the movie, and not only will it showcase beautiful stills from the film, which does look gorgeous, but beyond that we want to be very clear about what we fictionalized and when we diverged why it was we made that choice.”